Baby Massage

This is a service which is in much greater demand due parents and care givers realising the benefits on all levels, emotional, physical, psychological and social. Unique Holistics offers Baby massage courses either one-to-one or groups sessions, I can come to your home or courses run from centres in Rustington and Billingshurst. I also offer this service to nurseries.

I am trained with the International Association of Infant Massage(IAIM) which was founded by Vimala McClure in 1976, Vimala was the first person to put together a professional programme, she developed the technique using a combination of strokes from four main sources, Indian and Swedish massage, Yoga methods and Reflexology. She created techniques for colic and 'touch relaxation' which are yoga inspired and valuable tools. 

The course is taught over five weeks, (one session each week) you will receive a booklet with all the strokes covered and a bottle of massage oil.

Course cost - £50

For more information and course dates and venues please contact me on 07843573295. 

Take a look at my IAIM web page


Benefits of Baby Massage:
  •          Infant-Parent attachment or "bonding"
  •          Relaxation
  •          Makes baby feel loved              
  •          Promotes better sleep
  •    Helps settling restless babies 
  •          Facilitates body awareness
  •          Boosts immune system
  •          Sensory stimulation
  •          Improves skin condition
  •          Improves blood circulation
  •          Helps digestion
  •          Balances respiration
  •          Relief for teething pains
  •          Help waste elimination
  •          Helps build parents' and baby's self-esteem
  •          Helps you learn about your baby (their needs and desires)
  •          Relaxes parents
  •          Pleasurable experience
  •          Stimulates production of oxytocin (Oxytocin is a hormone which can be produced by both male and female persons during massage. It is useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect on the person.)
  •           Physical and cognitive stimulation for premature and special needs babies

Bonding may be experienced through eye contact, touch, smell, taste and listening.

" I liked that Jo demonstrated on a doll - very helpful, I liked that we had name cards - nice touch, really relaxed, friendly but also very professional atmosphere created by Jo" Hannah and Starlah

" Jo is a natural teacher - calm, clear and client focused"