Massage Clinics

This is a service I am offering due to much demand and success, I have been working with children with Cerebral Palsy for the last four years and within this time I have provided much improvement with problems such as constipation, muscle cramps and spasms, growing pains, sleeping issues and improving general comfort both physically and mentally.

Massage for children impoves self confidence, body awareness, trust, self worth, calms nerve endings, and eases pains and discomfort.

The clinics are designed to fill the gap between therapy sessions children recieve at school but miss out on in holidays and weekends, this is the time when discomfort becomes more apparent.

 They are one-to-one hour sessions that are for all children, especially those with additional needs. I can come to you or you can book an appointment at one of my clinics.
 Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further and arrange a consultation.

£20 - 1hour  includes initial consultation and treatment tailored to suit the individual.

"My 7 year old Daughter had a tummy treatment, As she had fatty lumps due to injections of Insulin. The lumps dispersed within a month of the treatment. The consultant was very impressed as they normally take 3 months." Sasha Cooper mother of Georgia Stocker